• How to play backed up Wii games with an external USB drive using WiiFlow

    I decided that I was tired of burning game backups for my Nintendo Wii and wasting DVD’s, so I decided to add USB HDD support. First things first- Before I dive into this guide, I will just tell you that I was listening to this mix while I was figuring all of this out, and …

  • TheGamesDB Update

    Lots of work has been going on with TheGamesDB.net. Check out my other project here! http://code.google.com/p/thegamesdb/ And visit the website here.

  • How To: Hack Nintendo Wii With System Menu 4.2

    Anything done to your console is at your own RISK! This will allow you to play burned backups of games that you own. You will also be able to run any homebrew software on your Wii. If you’re not on 4.2, Do NOT Update. It’s much more difficult to hack. This is for people stuck …

  • Eyefinity Setup

    For those of you that have never seen an Eyefinity setup before, it’s pretty awesome. My friend just got his set up. Here are a couple of quick videos of it. Sorry about the poor quality. Monitors: Left/Right – Acer 24″, Center – Vizio 32″ Resolution: 5760×1080 Graphics Cards: ATI 5870, Nvidia 210 (Physix processing)