OiNK founder free after two-plus years of legal troubles

From Ars Technica:

A UK court has acquitted the admin of music sharing site OiNK of the one and only charge brought against him: conspiracy to defraud copyright owners. Twenty-six-year-old Alan Ellis was unanimously found not guilty by a jury in a Teesside Crown Court Friday, despite efforts from the music industry to paint him as a “cunning” liar who made money off the hard work of others.

The OiNK drama goes back to October of 2007 when police seized OiNK’s servers and arrested Ellis after two international music rights groups, IFPI and BPI, spent two years working to investigate the tracker. At the time, the Cleveland Police said that the “hundreds of thousands of pounds” being brought in were stashed in various bank accounts, and the IFPI claimed that there were over 180,000 “hard-core” file sharers leaking hot demos or prerelease mixes to the invite-only service.

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