How to play backed up Wii games with an external USB drive using WiiFlow

I decided that I was tired of burning game backups for my Nintendo Wii and wasting DVD’s, so I decided to add USB HDD support. First things first- Before I dive into this guide, I will just tell you that I was listening to this mix while I was figuring all of this out, and it seemed to help. 🙂 Secondly, if your Wii isn’t already hacked with the Homebrew Channel, you need to get to that point first. I covered how to do that here.

Now that you’ve got some sweet tunes playing, we’re ready to begin! Obviously you will need an SD card, a hacked Wii, and an external HDD. This hack took me a few tries, but I’m going to cover the method that worked for me. If you need help, you will probably want to do some additional research on the various websites referenced here, or check out the WiiFlow IRC channel.

The first thing we need to do is add some additional custom IOS’s to your Wii. Go here and download the zip file. I’m using the same SD card with all the data still on it from my previous guide to hacking the wii, so I’m going to assume you are also. In this case, you should already have a folder on your SD card called “apps”. Create a new folder in the “apps” folder called “cIOSX_rev19 Installer”. Now extract the zip file you just downloaded into there.

Now, while we have the SD card plugged into the PC, we’re going to load up the other files we’re going to need as well. Visit this site and download “” and “2.2-RC-1-(No-Dol).zip”. Now the version that you get to work is going to vary on a few different things, but those are the ones that worked for me. Extract those files to your SD card also.

Next, plug your SD card into your Wii, and turn it on. Load up the Homebrew Channel (HBC). Navigate to your new IOS loader (Rev 19 installer). You need to load IOS versions 249 and 250. Just follow the on screen instructions for this part, choosing the defaults for 249, and go up one value for the 250 installation. If I remember right ,I had to reboot after each one. I chose network install for each so it would just download the newest version. Obviously your Wii has to be connected to the internet for this to work. If you’re unable to do this, then you can manually choose the WAD files, but I’m not going to cover that here.

Now it’s time to get your hard drive ready and load it up with some games. Plug your USB drive into your computer and format it NTFS. Make sure there is only one partition and it is the Primary/Active partition.

Download the Wii Backup Manager from here:
Run this program. Use this guide to prepare your drive and add games to it: I’m assuming you already have some game ISO’s on your computer for this part.

Once your drive is ready and has games on it, you can hook it up to your Wii. You MUST plug it into the USB port that is closest to the edge of the case for this to work. Now go to the HBC and launch the WiiFlow application. It should load up and display the games on your hard drive. You can go into the options and tell it to download cover art and metadata for each game. From there you should be able to click on a game and launch it. 🙂 Here’s a little demonstration video showing me doing this procedure.
Sorry about the poor quality of the video, I used my phone.

That’s about it! I hope this helps someone else out!

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  1. devon says:

    I downloaded a wii game from thepiratebay and its a wbfs file, and I formated my usb flash drive to wbfs format, then before I just click ad files and select the game wbfs file, do I first have to extract the wbfs file to a folder created on desktop?? Or can I just select ad files and choose that file, then it will extract and all that itself?? Please I need help what do I do? Do I have to first extract it to a folder I created and then go to backup manager and select ad files and choose the extracted file, or will I extract the file on itself if I just select ad file and choose the downloaded wbfs file???? Thanx for the help if anyone can helkp!!!;-) I found that its also possible to do this using wbfs manager, just go to wbfs drive on the options available, then select add to drive and then choose the wbfs already file(coz wbfs manager is for converting files to iso, wbfs sneek etc,) then will this method also work??? Also please note I’m not sure with both methods as to where or not I FIRST have to extract the wbfs file after I downloaded it via utorrent.. Or can I just select the wbfs file as is and then will the wii backup manager or wbfs manager do the extraction itself or not? Please help!! Thanx anyone;-)

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