Server Room Re-wire/Overhaul

I’ll be re-wiring pretty much my entire server room and IDF over the next few weeks, and I plan on keeping some kind of photo-journal of it here.  Check back often to see my progress!


Part of my initial plan:

  • Change switch uplink port cables to orange color
  • Change server uplink cables to white color
  • Voice cables will be blue
  • Split up servers between blades on the core switch for redundancy
  • Split up edge switches between blades on the core switch for redundancy
  • Install environmental monitoring in the server room and IDF
  • Install an additional fiber switch in the IDF so that I can have redundant fiber paths back to the core switch in the server room
  • Remove old Avaya MCC Cabinets and migrate phone system onto G650’s
  • Install new server rack for G650’s

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi there,
    I just use a guide on your site (which saved my bacon) and came across this post. Did you end up taking photos in the end?


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