How to Export Self-Signed SSL certificates from a Vcenter Server Appliance for use with Citrix XenDesktop 7.5

I had some trouble finding the information online to complete this task, so I figured I’d explain it here.  This is a task specific to dealing with the VMware Vcenter Appliance.


Log in to your Vcenter appliance.

Click the network tab, then click address section. Change the hostname to something like save settings.

Click admin tab. Click yes on certificate regeneration enabled, and yes on administrator SSH login enabled.

Reboot vcenter.

See if shows up in DNS. If it doesn’t, add it.

open up WINSCP and connect to

Browse to /etc/vmware-vpx/ssl/

Copy rui.crt and rui-ca-cert.pem do your Citrix Xendesktop server.

On the Xendesktop server, double click on rui.crt and install it with default options.

open up mmc and add the certificates snap-in.

Under Trusted Root Certification Authorities, right click on certificates, then click import.

Import your PEM file.

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