How To Manually Remove VIB’s from ESXi Host

I accidently installed the wrong version of Dell OMSA on one of my ESXi hosts, and needed to remove it in order to install an older version using VUM. Here are the steps I took to remove the VIB.

  • Make sure ESXi Shell and SSH are enabled on your host.
  • SSH into the host.
  • Type the following command to make sure you can see the VIB installed and get the name of the VIB: esxcli software vib list
  • Once you have the name of the VIB, remove it using the following command: esxcli software vib remove --vibname=OpenManage

You should get a message telling you that the VIB was removed and that you need to reboot the host.  Just reboot and the VIB will be uninstalled.

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