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I’m a Network Engineer from Portland Oregon.  I was born and raised here, and I love it!  In my free time I work on several online projects.  I’m also the owner of TheGamesDB.  Other interests of mine include cars, and home theater equipment.

Fun fact:  I’m addicted to Caffeine.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    I was curious if you would ever be interested in selling TheGamesDB.net. I’ve had some success with an application called LaunchBox and I’d like to integrate it more closely with TheGamesDB.net. If you’re interested, what would your selling price be?

    If you have no desire to sell it, would you be willing to work with me to integrate it more closely? Most importantly, I’d like the ability to submit new games via the LaunchBox application. I’m also wondering if there’s any way a mass import from Wikipedia or similar could be done.

    I am very, very appreciative of all the work you’ve put into the site, and I’ve donated in the past to show it. I’m just hoping to further integrate it into LaunchBox.


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